Namo just born - Namo reborn

namo reborn

My son, Namo just born 2 weeks ago. It was the happy moment for sure. In the mean time, my server, namo has crashed from 5-year-old harddisk. Fortunately, fsck still can resurrected him for the last moment to let me back up my sites, and most of my sites data still survived. Unfortunately, some part of my previous gallery has damaged, so I leave it rest in peace.

I am running Ubuntu 8.04 Webserver at home on VMware ESXi 3.5 U4. My Dell Optiplex SX280 has working well for few years, unfortunately, my harddisk was quite old, almost 5 years already. My virtual machines were crashed for few times last month. I made the plan already to migrate my virtual machines to new harddisk. But it's not in time T.T. Actually even my virtual machine backup since last October was already damaged! so I have to backup all important parameters, build new webserver, network server from my standard ubuntu vm template, and start to configure from scratch. It took me whole night to rebuild all infrastructure again T.T. Anyway, I still consider fast, in order to rebuild network infrastructure, vyatta network router, network server, webserver on top of VMware ESXi within one night.

I named my webserver 'namo' long time ago, as I was planned to use this name for my child, and my dream become true. Now my child namo was born, and my server namo was reborn.

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